Bend Scale: Bend between any notes you want.

Bend Keys: Send pitch bend information with MIDI notes.

Bend Sequence: Bend through sequences instead of smooth bends.

Bend Sequences(Microtonal): Bend through microtonal sequences.

Bend Shaper: Fold, wrap and clip your bends with a waveshaper.

Bend Glide: Add glide to pitch bend.

Bend Map: Map pitch bend modulation to any parameter in Live.

Bend Scope: Display pitch bend.

Bend Offset: Modulate incoming bend with a mappable dial.

Bend Sample and Hold: Sample and hold your pitch bend modulations.

Bend Filter: Filters out either Pitch Bend or MIDI notes.

MIDI Clock Pack $13

These devices generate MIDI rhythms and sequences by multiplying or dividing the MIDI notes they receive.
Multipliers: MIDI from the individual clocks or sequencers will output at a multiple the speed of the notes you input.
Dividers: MIDI will output a note every so many input notes, set by the divider.

Delays and Harmonizers Pack $13

This pack is meant to provide you with multiple unique types of delays and pitch shifters as well as crosses between the two.
Independently sequence the amount of delay on your left and right channels with two 16-step sequencers.

Delay and granularly stretch audio. Feed it back into itself.

A pitched delay network for creating arpeggiated delays.

Polyphonically pitch-shift incoming audio with your midi keyboard. Also has basic sampler effects built in, LFOs, ADSRs, flter etc.

Monophonically pitch-shift incoming audio with your MIDI keyboard. Also has basic sampler effects built in, LFOs, ADSRs, flter etc.